Our Solutions, Products & Services

Electric Power and Cable Supply

In power department, our main business is focused on the international project contracting in the fields of electric power and electric cable supply for Transmission and Distribution

Our services and products are approved in MEW, MPW, KOC and KNPC
  • Electric Project Design & Engineering
  • EHV XLPE 400/300/132KV Power Cables
  • Execution, Testing and Commissioning
  • Operation & Maintenance of High Voltage Networks
Electrification in Oil & Gas

GPES provide 3600 electric services to Oil & Gas industry which include project management, engineering, procurement, construction and operations & maintenance, required to ensure successful project execution and delivery.

Expertise in Solar, Wind, Gas, OHTL & Substation projects and provide services including rural electrification and street lighting.
  • Gas Insulated Substations
  • OHTL
  • Civil Constructions
  • Mobile Oil Station
  • Insulators & Conductors
Electric Cables & Accessories

GPES is a key supplier of products range from 1kV to 500kV AC & DC cables, accessories and matching products for both Heat and Cold Shrink Cable Joint and Termination Kits

With latest advanced technology, high quality products and reliable services contributed to the construction of numerous major national projects, power transmission projects and railway transportation projects.
  • DC Cables & accessories
  • 66-500kv AC cables & accessories
  • 1-35kv cold shrink cables & accessories
  • 1-35kv heat shrink cables & accessories
  • Grounding device & Cable fittings
  • Tools for installation and cable laying
  • RMU & Auxiliary materials
LED Lighting

GPES, with it's vast experience in industry standards, provide highest quality & reliable solutions to high precision working environments, be it production lines, assembly lines, warehouses, process areas or commercial complexes - we supply, install & maintain energy efficient industrial LED systems.

Best possible optic technology to create indoor or outdoor lighting systems that improve work and safety conditions, while also increasing efficiency, improving light performance, and saving big on energy costs.
  • Interior & Outdoor industrial lighting
  • High Bay & Low Bay Lighting
  • Strip Fixtures
  • Vapor Tight Lighting
  • Troffers & Office Lighting
  • Stairwell/Corridor & Task Lighting
Low Voltage & Lighting Products

GPES supply and service critical power products & accessories of Low Voltage, lighting products and natural gas meters.

Equipped with a new breaking technology, our solutions have various lineups depending on the electric power market and the machinery, with a range includes 3250 products.
  • Circuit Breakers & Boxes, Natural Gas Meters, Electronic Ballasts, Drivers
  • Transfer Switches & Transformers, Contractors, Surge Protect Devices
  • Power Capacitors, Relays, Switches & Fuses
  • Panel Systems & Passenger Coach, BMC, Harmonic Filters, Shunt Reactors
  • Plugs & Sockets & Combination Boxes, Cable Lugs And Tools, Insulators
transmission lines, Connectors & Lightning Protection Products

GPES supply complete range of transmission lines hardware and connector products for substation projects and propose solutions that are adapted to the specifications of electric power networks.

A recognized leader in business of Hardware of Transmission lines, Power Connectors for substations, Grounding and Lightning protection materials and Conduits & fittings.
  • Transmission Lines Hardware
  • Substation Connectors
  • Grounding and Lightning Protection Materials
  • Conduits & Fittings
Voltage Enhancing Power Equipments & Integrated Solutions

GPES supply a wide range of power equipment which not only distribute and save energy, but also set the benchmark for overall power quality.

Market leaders in supply of a wide range of low, medium and high voltage products & solutions that enhance the quality & reliability of power from 415V to 400kV.
  • Fiberglass Cable Trays, Poles, Ladders, Gratings & Handrails
  • Fiberglass Cable Cleats & Trench Covers
  • SUBOX Enclosures
  • SUKAN Conduits
  • SMC Sheets
electrical & instrumentation Fiberglass Products

GPES is well known in the supply of quality fiberglass products - Ladders, Cable Trays, Trefoil clamp, Street Light Poles, Luminaries, Subox Enclosure Systems Etc.

Leading fiberglass composite manufacturing & supplier of industrial electrical & instrumentation devices tailored to specific applications.
  • Low Voltage Switch-gear
  • MV Motor Starters
  • Neutral Grounding & Bypass Switch-gear
  • Reactors
  • Power Distribution
  • Control and Protection Panels
Rig enclosures & LED lighting solutions

GPES's industry-leading rig Enclosures help companies improve safety, reduce downtime and maximize productivity ideally suited to the harshest environments. Products suit from exposed arid locations to offshore marine platforms and operation at both high and extreme low ambient temperatures.

A range of products for the rigors of onshore and offshore operations which are used worldwide and are approved by many of the industry's leading associations & operators.
  • Enclosures
  • Lighting
  • Controls
  • Cable Glands & Accessories
Power Engineering, procurement & construction

GPES excels in innovative engineering, procurement and construction management services & solutions with proven capabilities by safely providing landmark projects for energy and industrial sectors.

From business planning to procurement to operation and maintenance GPES provides complete integrated services.
  • Engineering Services
  • Construction Management
  • Prime Contracts and Procurement
  • Project Controls Services
  • PGESCo Training Capabilities
High Voltage Power Systems

High Voltage Power Systems for Transmission and Distribution Services

Approved in MEW, MPW, KOC, KNPC
  • 30 MVA 145 KV Transformer
  • 145KV 40 KA GIS
  • 11KV Transformers, Switchgear and Disconnectors
  • LV Switchgear, Capacitor Bank
  • ACB, MCCB, MCB, RCCB, Isolator and Fuses
  • Contactors, Relays, inverter, soft starter, VT, CT

What We Do

Design & engineering, execution, testing and commissioning of electric power & cable for transmission & distribution | Creation, modernization & upgrading of HV/LV infrastructure including modern transformers & switchgears.
  • Supply and installation of industrial fluid-flow equipments & engineering
  • Operation & Maintenance of High Voltage Networks
  • Solar, Wind, Gas, OHTL & Substation projects and services
  • HV & LV Maintenance & Support
  • HV & LV Switchgear Installation & Testing
  • Distribution Transformers Installation & Testing
  • Asset Replacement
  • Civil works & Complete construction management
  • HV, LV & Control Cabling
  • SCADA, Protection & Control Systems
  • System Commissioning
  • SAP Services to 33kV
  • LV ACB / MCCBs and HV Circuit Breaker Retrofits
  • Protection Upgrades
  • Repairs and Refurbishments
  • F-Gas Certified (SF6)

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